Toilet Paper Coupons

The kid walked up to my door. He wanted to sell pest control. To be honest, I really wasn't that interested, and I told him that. At the end of his pitch, he asked me if I would just take a flyer. As he handed me the flyer, he asked, "Now you're going to look at this right? You're not just going to use it as toilet paper." I told him I wasn't. I asked him why he would even ask such a question.  Then he said, "The economy is tough right?"

While the economy might be sputtering like a 1963 VW Beatle, you don't need to use flyers for toilet paper. Thanks to toilet paper coupons, you can get toilet paper cheap. If there is one thing that shouldn’t break your bank account, its toilet paper right? And while a few squares are getting more expensive, if you use toilet paper coupons, you'll be able to wipe that expense off your bank account.

That door-to-door kid was right though. The economy is struggling. We people have too many expenses. Ask anyone who loves economics, there are a few of them out there, and they will tell you maintain more money by cutting expenses than by increasing profits. That's because when you reduce expenses, you are not taxed on the money that you save. When you increase profits, you are taxed on that money.

That's why, in this economy, the Michael Jordan way of finance is to cut expenses. Cut them quickly, but don't stop buying the things you need. Instead, buy the things you need at lower prices. Get toilet paper coupons for your toilet paper. Get grocery coupons for your groceries. And in the summer, get a coupon for your swimming trunks because coupons cut expenses.

Toilet paper can be the cheaper way to have fun. Don't buy water balloons for your kids to throw at targets. Instead use some toilet paper coupons, and buy some toilet paper. Then you put a wad of toilet paper into some water, and throw it at the desired target. It's easy to clean up. It's sticks to the targets, and it seems more creative. Your kids are guaranteed to love it.

Everyone knows that Egypt is in right now. Toilet paper can also be a great way to build a cool Halloween costume. Make your kid an Egyptian mummy costume with toilet paper. Some of you might are probably thinking that it will cost an arm and a leg, but just hold on. By using some toilet paper coupons, you can get bundles of toilet paper and it won’t make your wallet any thinner.
The kid that came to my door to sell pest control understood that the economy is hard. What he didn't understand is that toilet paper isn't hard to buy because of toilet paper coupons. If I could go back, I would tell him that. Then he could have great toilet paper too.